‘You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.’  Jeremiah 29:13

Yesterday, I was working from Starbucks and when I got in line I saw a small, appraretnly delicate, older woman enter the store and stand behind me.  She gave me about 2-bodies distance of space (you know, like that ‘zone of personal space’ where some people just get right inside of on you) so I was able to view her in my peripheral vision.  I saw she had a dollar in her hand and a used Satrbucks cup.  She looked of meager means and struggling simplicity, so I gestured to the barista (remember, at Starbucks they are Baristas) ‘this dollar is for her, and slid it under the tip jar that I had already contributed to at the end of my order transaction. The  Barista gave a nod and a smile and off I went to my laptop to wait for my name to be called.

A moment later I look up and there is  the little woman, gesturing a big two arm curtsy of gratitude and then a two-handed prayer pose nod from the chest to me.  She was very sweet, and deeply gratefful, her smile said it all — Her Light was shining through.

Namaste is often used as a Spiritual salutation before and after Yoga, or a meeting of 2 hindu followers, a symbolic gesture meaning “The Divine in me salutes the Divine in you”, beautfiful isn’t it?  The Christ in me, salutes the Christ in you, or as I like to share it ‘The Light in me, calls forth the Light in You.’

We here at America’s Decor Store Faith Division invite you to Share Your Light (#ShareYourLight , #TheLightCampaign2017) as much as you can every single day.  And we know that sometimes, it takes every ounce of energy to simply turn your own light on, but we know that it is there, and WHEN YOU SHINE, WE ALL SHINE.

May The Light of Christ Shine On You, Through You and In you.  Namaste.

Chris & The Team ADS Faith Division Team