The Light of Christ 2020 Campaign

The Light of Christ 2020 Campaign

Touching 1000 lives in each of the 50 states.

Join Us this 2020 year and let us all Shine Christ’s Light where we see The Light of Christ is needed for prayer, uplifting, favor, hope and reminding us that The Love and Light of Christ is always there to guide and shine over us.

Together in Christ we can bring His Joy, Comfort, Hope, Uplifting presence, Love and Peace to our minds, to our days, and to those we love. Whether as a loving gift to a friend, new member to your church or place of worship, gift of evangelism, or for those who are sick, in hospice, or need to know the healing power of The Holy Spirit and The Christus, “The Divine Physician”.

Our Light of Christ Campaign has 1 big miraculous goal, to touch the lives of 1000 people in each of our 50 states. And then to lovingly, naturally, wholeheartedly begin sharing the Light of Christ beyond our borders and making OUR WORLD A Brighter Place for US ALL.

We have 3 main nightlights designed to share the Light of Christ perfectly for any one to receive;



‘Thank You for Your Service’ Veterans nightlight

With every order you place you will join us in making a positive impact to change our world for the better by being a champion for The Light of Christ throughout our world.

Choose from the following life-saving organizations such as the Melanoma Brain Cancer Foundation, Operation Midnight fighting Human Trafficking, The World Wildlife Fund, or the United Nations effort to remove landmines from areas of prior conflict.