What a week to reflect on Faith and future.

Have you been holding firm on your new year’s resolutions and new practices?  Is it going to the gym? Eat less and exercise more?  Play more? Pray more?  Meditate more?  Call or go visit and talk to your family more?  Whatever it is, I would suggest that inspired commitment was put there by Spirit.  And why would I say Spirit?  I would say Spirit if it was of your own creation.

Spirit never leads us in a direction that does not have us more fulfilled and enlivened by who we naturally are.  Spirit puts seeds of greatness in us, and we are left inspired to fulfill on that visoin.  And sometimes, those seeds need some fertile, stone free, reconditioned soil to grow.  So even if you felt really inspired by your resolution, I would offer that it is often the tilling and conditioning of the soil that has us stop.  We dislike it when it gets hard.  Well, it’s not the ‘WE’ partnership with Spirit that stops, it’s the egoic diminishing voice that has us stop.

For me it is balancing all of my finances; company 2017 projections, (costs, inventory, employees, website and marketing), a son preparing for college finances, planning for a wedding finances, and then life’s normal monthly bills.  When we look at all of it, it is sometimes enough to say with a sigh of exhaustion, “How am I going to gt this all done?”  And it is usually at that time when the still smal voice begins to speak to me (us), and soon enough I find myself in prayer.

Prayer affirming that God is good, and all is working out for my good.  That Spirit is guiding me on my path to fulfill on my heart’s desires of goodness and sharing the Light of Christ to as many as ADS can touch.  It is those times I call on my Faith.

My Faith as I have learned to exercise those muscles.  My Faith as I have had my own experiences with God-Christ-Spirit that I can only say, I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t there.  And those moments of affirmation of our Faith are not burning bushes, or parting of Red seas, although when you hear of Cancer being Cured, I would put that right up there with the Miracles of the bible.  But for me, I think modern day manifestations of Faith are placed only into our view to experience.

Praying for enough money to go vacation, and then you find gift cards, and greeting cards filled with money you had forgot yu put away.  Miracles of being alone in a church and yet sounds of childhood memories come vividly back to the senses as if the church came to life in that moment.

As I reflect on this exercise of resolution, I realized I did leave one important element out inn the creation of that resolution, and that is FAITH.  We have to have the FAITH that if our inspired idea (aka ‘resolution’) is for the good of ourselves and others, that God will uplift us to get there.  That we can do far more with Faith and when we Let Go and Let God.

So don’t throw in the gym towel yet, but rather, put your resolution, your commitments into Heavenly Father’s Universe-hands, and ask for help.  And then, get back to work.  Thanking, and working.  Planning and working.  Gettting uncomfortbale and working and praying.  And then through your Actions, your prayers and your ‘LEAN into your FAITH’ in Jesus the Christ who is in all of us waiting to shine out. we just might start to see that needle on the resolution scales move in the direction of the vision that Spirit inspired and planted within us.

In God & Faith,   the 2017 Light Campaign,

Chris & the American Decor Store Faith Division.


This is the post that inspired me tonight – From last year’s Unity Daily Word publication.

Saturday, May 21, 2016
I can tell others that I have faith, but actions speak louder than words. If I continually question and doubt everything, I am not reflecting a person who has faith. When I live a faith-filled life, I will find greater peace, joy, and love in all that I think, say, and do.

If I have a health challenge, I pray with faith that I am whole and well. If I have important decisions to make, I have faith that I am being guided to my good. I listen to Spirit within and step out in faith based upon the guidance I receive.

Praying for a particular need is easy. Absolute trust in the power and presence of God takes faith. I live my life with that in God—the Source and Creator of all.

Examine yourselves to see whether you are living in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you?—2 Corinthians 13:5