Beautiful day to see God on the Santa Monica Pier. #ShareYourLight

Beautiful day to see God on the Santa Monica Pier.

Today I had the chance to tour the Santa Monica Pier with a longtime dear friend of mine, and what a great time we had before he flew back to Reno, NV.  You may wonder, how does ‘Fighting for the Light’ fit into a visit to the Pier?  Well, if we seek to bring and see the Light of Christ in our daily experience, we must also be willing to see and seek where the Light isn’t.  And along the pier and the Promenade, there were many fighting for where the Light is missing, and Darkness is present.

I saw the Light shining out from persons as committed beacons for humanity and sharing the message of hope for the forgotten and marginalized.  For example I saw the Light being shined upon the plight of a peaceful group of Chinese Falun Gong spiritual practitioners who have been gathered up by their government and our being held in various prisons and camps in China.  But the worse part is many of these persons have been part of a system of forced organ harvesting, and given no voice.  And state run hospitals sell these organs to China’s elite.

I saw another group shining their Light upon the veterans who have died since 9-11, 2001. It’s called ARLINGTON WEST by Veterans for Peace, it is displayed on the north side of the Santa Monica Pier.  Rows upon rows of small hand-painted wooden crosses, stars of David, and Crescent moons representing all the veterans that have died since the War on Terrorism began a few short days after that 9/11 tragedy.

Another man, a megaphone carrying, 12′ tall “JESUS IS LORD” sign holding, redemption pamphlets and a bible armed Christian telling everyone that they were likely in the hand-basket that was on it’s way to hell.  And if you know where you were going in life, and would you be ready to meet your Savior if you died today?  I quietly said to myself, I would love the chance to meet my Savior on my last day, but just not today.    And then just down from him, just past the echoes of his revelations invitation, that some may appreciate, a young african-american woman was singing an Alicia Keys song as if she channeled the voice of Alicia and shined her gift as her Light.  Asking for donations to assist her in her education.

And then another asking to sign a petition to stop a multi-national company from clear-cutting a huge stretch of South American rainforest for mining of cellphone alloys and metals.   Yes, God’s light was everywhere.  Some more conscious and present than others to their interconnectedness globally.   Some more capable of answering the call to action by Christ (Matthew 25:40) ‘Whatever you did for the least of my brothers and sisters you did unto me’.

We are asked to carry the LIGHT of CHRIST out into the world, through us and as us.  There is no Christ walking the streets, it’s just you, me and the the persons we meet or learn about through whom we meet.   And that is why I fight.  I fight for the Light because others fight for the Light. We fight to bring Hope, we fight so that prayers can be answered, I fight because I am a disciple of the lessons and teachings of Christ.  And if through our NightLights, it brings hope, a sense of warmth, Love and belonging to another in this world, then yes Mr. Megaphone I am willing to meet Christ at the time of my death, and say ‘Yes, I fought for your Light, both with others, and through me and as me, I fought for your your Hope, Faith, and Love filled Light.’