Louis Trammell Sr, served in the USAF from 1958 – 1962.  He was a hand-to-hand combat instructor while member of the military police.  He enjoyed 3 sons and 1 daughter.  In his final years he worked along side his yongest son to create beautiful and unique commemoratives for veterans and other service members, including First Responders.

Louis passed away on Nov 4th, 2018 with his loved ones uplifting his transition onto his next journey.  His reach was enormous in the martial arts world as his dojo was one of the best and most winning Judo dojos during the late-80’s and 90’s.  From National champions to Jr. Olympians, he not only championed many on the mat, but he ever-presently cheered and championed his students, friends and family off the mat and in their lives.  At his funeral services this was present as there was standing room only.

This is his final commemorative design, and the THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE thank you note that is included with the card is penned by him for any veteran who receives this acknowledgement and symbol of their service.

A portion of each sale of specifically these nightlights goes towards Veteran Support programs, USAF wounded warrior programs, and the Yosemite fund.  All 3 organizations held a dear and special place in his heart.  We are also looking for a Chaplain organization that we can donate these lights to through the support of donors and customers so that no Veteran in hospice or in deep emotional or physical trauma feels alone or without a ‘LIGHT’ of Love, Hope and Appreciation.

If you would like to purchase a nightlight for a Veteran to be gifted by us on your behalf, please click here, and we will continue the work and dream of Louis Trammell, that every honorably served veteran is acknowledged and appreciated.